Recent Projects

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Japanese English
English Russian
Russian English
Polish English
English Belarusian

Japanese English


  • Insurance and financial documents for a leading Japanese general insurer, including IR presentations, internal strategy documents, minutes of meetings and press releases

  • Equity research reports for securities firms in a variety of fields, including electrical and precision equipment, manufacturing, real estate, retail, media, automotive and IT/telecoms, plus general strategy and research reports

  • Miscellaneous accounting and financial documents, including annual reports

  • Expatriate policy documents for UK-based Japanese companies


  • A variety of legal documents, including commercial agreements in a number of different business fields

  • Market research questionnaires and responses ('verbatims') for end-clients including Microsoft, American Express & IBM

  • Corporate registration and trademark-related documents

  • Management consulting-related documents for a strategy consultancy

Technical / IT

  • Environmental presentation for a leading Japanese automotive firm

  • Data testing documents

  • Operations manual for industrial crushing equipment

  • Test specifications for NTT DoCoMo mobile phone applications

  • User manuals for consumer electronic devices, including digital cameras

Media and Cultural

  • Article "Van de Velde and Japanese Art" for a well-known art museum in Europe

  • Translation of Japanese interviews for "Ultimate Cars" TV series

  • Translation of Japanese interviews for "Megastructures" TV series

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English Russian

  • Translation and transcreation of bidding and marketing materials for a leading international architectural firm, as well as a variety of project-related documents

  • Technical and legal documentation for the Kashagan oil & gas development project

  • Investment banking and credit-related presentations (in PowerPoint)

  • Offshore energy report

  • Marketing presentations for consumer products

  • Manual for i-deck sound system

  • Translation, transcreation and DTP of marketing brochures and website for a luxury London club and casino

  • Legal agreements and miscellaneous legal documents (powers of attorney, certificates, etc.)

  • Ongoing quarterly translation of a county-wide magazine

  • Medical questionnaire: DL vs placebo in persistent allergic rhinitis
  • Bank of England museum guide

  • School and university certificates and diplomas, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, business cards (including DTP)

  • Visitor information for Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare House, etc.)

  • International Visitor Guide for the Royal Show

  • Health and Safety examination papers

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Russian English

  • Translation of DVD interviews with Russian scientists regarding space exploration and new energy sources

  • Management and market research questionnaires and responses ('verbatims') in a variety of fields. End-clients have included Nokia, IBM and Microsoft.

  • Translation of project documents for a leading architectural firm

  • Property insurance policies, reinsurance contracts and claims forms, including for a leading reinsurer

  • Medical article on the use of Perindopril in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy patients

  • Various medical documents, including study protocols, patient information documents and research papers

  • School and university certificates and diplomas, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates and business cards (including DTP)

  • Legal contracts and miscellaneous legal documents (powers of attorney, certificates, etc.)

  • Miscellaneous financial documents

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Polish English

  • A variety of EU reports following the accession of Poland to the European Union. Topics have included employment, social affairs, welfare, education, information technology and pharmaceutical law

  • Audit and accounting documents

  • Market research questionnaires and responses ('verbatims')

  • Consumer product documentation and marketing materials

  • Property insurance policies, reinsurance contracts and claims forms

  • Correspondence and documentation for a variety of clinical studies, including protocols, Bioethics committee approvals, patient information forms, etc

  • Miscellaneous medical articles and research documents, including Massive pulmonary embolism in a patient with ulcerative colitis and hyperhomocysteinemia - a case report; and Nephrolithiasis in children with ulcerative colitis

  • Pharmaceutical drug information documents

  • School and university certificates and diplomas, passports, birth and marriage certificates

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English Belarusian

  • Telephone strings for automated clinical study system (E>B)

  • Re-registration and clinical information for various medicinal products (E>B)

  • Health and Safety Guidelines in the Food industry (E>B)

  • Policy document (United Social Democrats of Belarus) (B>E)

  • Passports, birth and marriage certificates, school and university diplomas