Advice for Customers

Please consider the following points when sourcing a translation:

Does the whole document need to be translated?
We may be able to help you identify the relevant areas for translation before starting work.

What is it for?
Translating a brochure, article or report for publication may take longer than an internal document required for "information only". Please tell us how the translation will be used and allow sufficient time for the translation process.

Please let us know if there are any particular style requirements. For example, adherence to US English spelling conventions or in-house terminology.

Background information
Reference material (e.g. relevant product/brand or personal names, company information, etc.) is invaluable for a translator and will enhance the translation process.

Leave as much time as possible for the translation. Avoid a rushed translation without time for proper research, reflection and enhancement.

What about machine translation?
It may be helpful in deciding whether or not to have something translated, but even the best machine-translated text will require proofreading and post-editing.

For more guidance, we recommend the ITI's downloadable guide for businesses Translation - getting it right.